Plastic containers have been increasingly common in daily life, especially in the food and beverage industries. I believe that the benefits that plastic packaging may bring are eclipsed by its drawbacks. There are several significant advantages to the use of plastic containers. One of them is the durability and versatility in packaging a wide range of products. For example, it can be seen that a large number of businesses in Vietnam, such as supermarkets, malls, and stores, use plastic bags to store fresh products such as meat and fish. Furthermore, because production expenses are very cheap, plastic containers are highly cost effective for both manufacturers and consumers. On the one hand, the costs and conveniences of single-use plastic packaging are far outweighed by the long-term destruction it causes to the environment and to people’s health. Nowadays, many countries around the world are facing a plastic pollution crisis, with oceans, rivers, and landfills full of unrecyclable plastic waste which takes hundreds years to decompose and release toxic chemicals into the world's land and water. Millions of aquatic creatures are dying as a result of choking or eating plastic straws or bags floating in waterways such as lakes or seas. Regarding people’s health, millions of people worldwide are dying from lethal diseases such as lung cancer as a result of inhaling harmful air from the burning of plastic waste. In conclusion, I believe that the negative effects of plastic containers on people's health and the environment outweigh the advantages. As a result, it is past time for governments and individuals to take necessary steps to reduce the use of these dangerous items.